Only the best

pellet1Krone pellet, contrary to all oil derived fuels, does not contain toxic substances to humans and to the environment. Krone is a "Producer Company" not "Commercial Company". The raw material comes exclusively from processing of virgin fir tree, with the total exclusion of reclaimed wood. The modern production processes abolish all traces of binders, glues or dyes, providing a natural product, 100% pure. Good pellet provides a uniform combustion and a constant energy efficiency

How to recognise a quality pellet?

  • is made from cylinders of uniform diameter: the surface is smooth due to the absence of binders;
  • the bag presents little wood dust;
  • the packaging must be perfectly sealed; moisture can reduce the calorific pellet value.
  • it must be certified
  • the cleaning of the stove: the pellet quality reduces up to 80% of service issues